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Light weight desktop music application.
  • 4 Modes:
    • Normal: Simply plays at song by song per user selection
    • Radio: Pretty much like pressing random on a stereo
    • Mood: Like radio mode, but plays music that are tagged with a certian mood
    • Nimble: Like Radio and Mood mode, but plays music that it thinks you would like to hear
  • Fully customizable theme. Pre-rendered AudioCards are available here along with template to make your own
  • A shit ton of shortcuts (they're listed in the UI, it's kind of ugly by whatev)
  • Will continue playing music exactly where it left off when you relaunch the app
  • Very light weight compared to iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Zune/XBox software
  • Note: Album art and ID3 tag functionality may no longer work
  • Note: The software supports automatic updates, but I don't update it anymore. There was one or two updates pushed out years ago. After installation, it may try to get these updates. Honestly though, you probably won't even need them. They were minor updates.
Fall 2010 Automatic Updates.
No longer supported.
No longer in development.
Windows Download
Awesome Image Viewer A minimalistic image viewer for your desktop that will only display the image.
  • Right click an open image for additional options.
  • Press H on an open image for list of options (Like Crop, Resize, etc)
  • NOTE Some options are not functional. Software in BETA
2011 No Automatic Incomplete
No longer in development.
Windows Download
Awesome ScreenCap Screenshot software that replaces the PrintScreen button functionality with "camera-like" effect.
  • Makes camera-flash/sound effect
  • Entire Screen, Specific Window, or draw an area to screen cap
  • Automatically save screenshot to image file (BMP, JPG, PNG) to a custom directory
  • Controls:
    • PrintScr : Screenshot of entire screen
    • Alt + PrintScr : Screenshot of focused window
    • Ctrl + PrintScr : Draw an area on the screen to screen cap
    • Ctrl + Shift + PrintScr : Awesome ScreenCap Settings Dialog
2011 No Automatic Incomplete
No longer in development.
Windows Download
BlackLight [Code Name] Coming Soon Future N/A In Development Unavailable At This Time
The BMO Project I've built a fully functional BMO from Adventure Time. I'm currently still working out the software details, but I will eventually have the software made open source with details on how to build your own.

Click Here For A Picture of BMO

  • 3 USB Ports
  • Game mode to play Super Mario or other classic Nintendo, Playstation, or Sega games
  • BMO Front panel buttons are fully functional for menu navigation or playing games
  • Supports USB Video Game Controllers
  • HDMI Port
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Ethernet port for wired connectivity
  • BMO face is composite video display
Future N/A In Development Source code coming soon
ColorDrop Utility that allows you to get the HEX color code from any pixel on screen
  • Stand-alone application. No installation required.
  • Dialog Follows Mouse
  • Press Esc to quit
  • Press F1 to open color chooser dialog
  • Press F2 to copy color code to clipboard
  • Press F3 to open License Agreement
2010 No Automatic Incomplete
No longer in development.
Windows Download

Promo Video
Coming Soon
Future N/A In Development (Still) DaemonNation.com
FlashDeck I made this back when I was in college to help study for exams.
Basically, it allows you to create digital FlashCards and save them as "Decks" to study with. If I remember right, it keeps track of how you're doing and re-asks questions it things you need more work with.

NOTE: I made this a LONG time ago. It's on another hard drive, I will post the link as soon as I get around to getting it. Contact me if you are interested though, it may be the motivation I need.
2008 No Complete Will post soon
imotbo Coming Soon Future N/A In Development imotbo.com
Student Database 3.0 Student Database Software for public school systems.
  • Keeps track of student information
  • Each student profile can be opened with image
  • Easy database backup
  • All student information is encrypted
  • Connects via network so all teachers have access to same information at any given time
  • Quick Search Functionality
  • Easy student database import from existing systems
  • NOTE: Software was developed generic for use in any public school setting but a custom setup wizard will be required depending on current school database systems. (pretty easy to do, just email me)
2011 Automatic Updates 3.0 Complete
Development when required.
Windows Only. Contact Me.
T3 Coming Soon Future N/A In Development Unavailable At This Time
WASU Chrome Extension Listen to WASU Live streaming via chrome. Click to activate/deactivate
It's pretty simple and doesn't have much to explain, so here's a screenshot (taken with the Awesome ScreenCap tool :P):

2013 Automatic via chrome store Complete.. I guess, lols Coming to Chrome Store
YouTube Downloader 5.0 See webpage: YouTube Downloader 5.0 Site

Versions 1.0 through 4.0 are available but no longer functional or supported.
Source code for all will be made available on GitHub soon.
Early 2013 Automatic Updates In Development Download Site